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GORDIC® GINIS® - Economy subsystem

Economy subsystem

Individual administrations (function spheres) of economic events of a given organization are registered in the GINIS® system in specialized modules (components) that enable easy, conclusive, transparent and powerful double-entry bookkeeping and budgeting, including keeping of associated operative registrations. All operations with documents of an economic character are carried out over administration books and are finally recorded in accounting logbooks and in budget recording logbooks in the GINIS® system. The subsystem philosophy observes some general principles applied uniformly within all system components consistently:

  • The subsystem operates with a uniform, user-defined structure of accounting and budget sentences that are defined within the implementation for individual accounting and budget periods in accordance with the approved methodology of accounting and budgeting of the organization;
  • Individual words of an accounting and budget sentence for a specific period can either be forbidden or permitted within system implementation in accordance with the methodology. All fields can be linked to centrally maintained scales of applicable values (UCS, NS, accounting plan, open partial accounting period, event, etc.);
  • Editing ability and the duty to fill in individual fields in subsystem components is strictly managed in accordance with user-adjusted configuration records. The laboriousness of registration of accounting data and risk of error occurrence is reduced considerably with the given functionality;
  • Each registered subject (document, accounting paper, administration record, accounting plan, external subject...) is unambiguously identified by means of a general identifier unique within all system implementations (PID). The identifier also links each digital document to the SSL filing service through the workflow layer;
  • Each primary document registered in the registration book obtains a centrally formatted user registration number that provides incremental identification within each registration book, and it also obtains a centrally formatted user administration number ensuring its identification within administration (module);
  • Each primary accounting document registered in the book has currently just one specific owner unambiguously identified by the system, who is the only one to own rights to execution of registration and accounting operations with the given document within centrally defined user extent in the GINIS® system. Other users have only viewing rights with respect to the given document. The owner can be changed using the function of protocol or non-protocol handover, and document circulation within the system is registered in history;
  • The document owner and the operations performed by him/her can be found at any time in the history of system documents for a given period;
  • Each accounting document registered in the accounting logbook or budget records logbook simultaneously obtains a centrally formatted user number (number of accounting document, number of budget document) that ensures incremental identification within each logbook;
  • Each record in the accounting records logbook or budget records logbook is linked to the primary document registered by the system (invoice, ban statement, voucher, contract, property accounting document, corrected accounting document);
  • Rules applicable to double-entry bookkeeping strictly apply to procurement, storage, repairs and other types of processing of accounting documents;
  • Automated data backup is carried out centrally using system means without user intervention;
  • Any duplicate data loading is minimized by the system;
  • Output sets within individual system modules are created using a uniform method by means of the implemented set generator with built-in macro-language that allows the contents and appearance of individual outputs to be defined by the user.

Economy subsystem administrations:

  • Budget
  • Acquisition activity
  • Financial obligations and receivables
  • Cashless operations
  • Cash operations
  • Property administration
  • Accounting
  • Accounting and budget outputs

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