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The National Employment Agency of Moldova uses the GORDIC document record management system

In the period of 2013-2014, the company GORDIC implemented the project “Increasing efficiency and strengthening the transparency of processes of the National Employment Agency of Moldova (ANOFM) – introduction of electronic record management system.”
The project deals with the implementation of the system of document administration and management and solution of reliable mid-term document archiving corresponding to the requirements of the Moldovan legislation.

ANOFM includes the authority’s central office in Kishinev and all local Labour Offices. On the grounds of a competitive biding notified and organized by the Czech Development Agency, the  decision was made that the project objective will be implemented using the GORDIC GINIS WESS electronic record management system.

The project represents a comprehensive implementation of the electronic record management system for ANOFM. The project deals with a comprehensive delivery of the solution, including the solution design, delivery of software and hardware, including licence, training of the workers performing related agendas, ensuring pilot operation and delivery of user, installation, project, and programme documentation.

Localized system based on Moreq2

The delivered system of DRMS is designed as a comprehensive system of document keeping as stipulated by the regulations covering record management system, including the European standard for record management system – MoReq2. The application helps ANOFM to reach an easy orientation in the documents (by supporting a clear organization of filed documents), easy search, printing of important reports, bulk operations with the documents, etc. – it makes the work easier.

The system unifies the format of output documents. It removes the duplicity of activities (eliminates double records). The application manages the data warehouse of documents in electronic form. The project was divided in two phases. The implementation phase was carried out till Dec. 10, 2013, the subsequent pilot operation till November 30, 2014. Beginning this date, the system has been fully, adequately, and routinely operated.

Central repository and administration
Concerning the architecture, the implemented solution employs a central database located in the ANOFM office in Kishinev. The documents are filed in the central repository with the clear identification of the workplace where the document belongs to (for every workplace), including the access to the documents (of the distributed data service).

At the same time, a data repository was created for the documents transferred from the documentary version into the digital one. The solution has a centralized administration of attributes of all documents with the option of document search.
This contract was notified within the programme of foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic with Moldova. In the policy of government development cooperation, Moldova is one of the priority countries and the delivery of electronic record management system is part of the assistance provided to this country when building eGovernment as the part of modern democratic state respecting the rule of law.


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