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A successful African mission of GORDIC

The company GORDIC has successfully implemented a part of the extension of the Service Desk tool (CA Unified Self-Service) for its South-African partner CA Southern Africa and its client, the company Sanlam. This company deals with insurance, investments, and financial planning. The solution that was developed and launched by the Czech specialists will provide its users with a faster finding of incident causes.

The implementation commenced on the turn of 2015 and 2016. Prior the implementation completing, the Head Solution Architect for the area of Service Management, Jakub Fiala, and the Main Programmer of USS portal, Stepan Sukovyč, were invited to Cape Town to assist during the final customer acceptance and handing over the whole work for a testing operation.

For its more than 13,000 employees, Sanlam uses the last version of the package CA Service Management Suite 14.1 that includes, apart from other things, also Service Desk, Service Catalogue, and newly also CA Unified Self-Service Portal. It is just this dashboard portal that provides the customers (users) with one place for the work with all types of services.

In addition to record incidents in the event that something is not working properly, the users can also choose from the catalogue of services (for example, ordering a new mobile phone, applying for the access to an application, or starting a process, for example, when a newly hired employee commences his job) or, within so called self-service, to change, for example, password or seek solution of frequently repeating events.

In the Czech Republic, the solution CA Technologies is operated, in addition to others, for example, by the National Registers Authority.

In addition to the implementation of this tool, the company GORDIC is able to create an additional content. And it was exactly this element that was the objective of the successful African mission. Due to this element, the client’s users can thus enter Incidents together with the definition of another metadata and information necessary for a faster finding of the Incident cause (including the integration with the service-desk tool); or within another part of the content, they can obtain information from the solution of similar tickets.

„It is another experience abroad for our company, and with regard to the response of our customer, it is definitely not the last one. For us, it was really a great experience and we are glad that we succeeded in reaching its successful end also with regard to the fact that that we were practically all  week non-stop implementing a part of the application in a complex infrastructure, foreign environment, and at a demanding customer“, Jakub Fiala said.

The presence and abilities of the GORDIC workers were appreciated also by the Account Director of CA Southern Africa, Craig De Lucchi: „We very much respect and appreciate the attitude of your company, especially the work of Jakub and Stepan who, despite the hectic conditions (the fast decision on their flight to Africa, all-day transfer to the town itself, etc., were able to resolve, in the incredibly short period of time, all issues and prepare the whole solution in order the customer could test and accept it with no reservations."


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