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The GINIS system as comprehensive solution of Open Data

The concept of Open Data has become an important topic of progressive authorities. Local authorities are required to be prepared for this new standard of providing information. Open Data are represented by various statistics, budgets, reports and databases, published on the Open Data Portal.
Development of an Open Data Portal would not only enable a central official location for access to open government data, but also a venue for exchange with the community of data users and re-users, leading to a more transparent and developed society.

Open Data:
- contribute to increasing the credibility and transparency of the authorities,
- provide interesting and useful information to citizens,
- raise the prestige of the authorities in the eyes of citizens.
The GORDIC company helps to open authorities to the public for several years. Our clients publish contracts, budgets, invoices, investment information, traffic information etc.
The GINIS system supports Open Data completely. All the process consists of a three-level structure:
1. preparation and creation of Open Data in right formats, 
2. publication to Open Data Portal and 
3. use of data by other applications. 
For this purpose, GINIS has applications as Clickable Budget, Reports of Contracts, Investment Map etc. 



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