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The system Eiger ensures the card programme of the largest Czech bank

Since 2003, the company GORDIC has been implementing the project of the Development and Innovation of the Card Programme Application Software of Česká spořitelna and Provision of Full Services for its Correct and Efficient Operation.
Česká Spořitelna is the largest bank in the Czech Republic and member of the Central European Erste Group based in Vienna. The system GORDIC Eiger currently supports more than 3.5 million credit cards of the bank´s clients, 1,000 ATMs, and 50,000 merchants all over the Czech Republic.


The project consists of the development, innovation, and full support based on the client’s requirements in the area of the Card Centre Backoffice, Payment Card Administration and Issuance, Administration of Business Contact Database, Processing of Payment Card Transactions, Connection to the International Payment Networks and Statistics.

The Eiger system ensures a broad portfolio of the card centre tasks, ranging from the card issuance, change of card data and statuses, ban management to card cancellation or expiration. It allows the banks to implement a complete agenda related to the card programme, simultaneously with the authorization centre. It also enables to implement the agenda of identification cards, membership cards, access cards, etc.

The system has been developed using the Apple WebObjects application server. However, it is also possible to implement the application under certain other application servers such as Oracle WebLogic, Jboss, and others. It supports the most widespread HW platforms, operating systems, and database machines. It also allows easy integration into the existing environment.

The system Eiger can be also implemented for the large numbers of cards, accounts, and transactions. The entire system features high reliability. Operators can also work on a remote basis via Internet in the user-friendly environment. Eiger is able to perform a number of operations automatically. Eiger can be used also for several institutions at the same time. It supports the use of more currencies and different languages.


The Eiger system operates most payment cards of various types. In addition to the conventional payment cards, it can manage contactless chips on the other media (credit sticks). When considering the number of citizens, the Czech Republic holds the first position within the European Union concerning the frequency of payments using contactless card.

The system is able to communicate with the other bank´ systems and agendas and provide them with the necessary information about the cards activities. GORDIC is able to develop and maintain specific requirements of the client and customize the Eiger components in conformity with the internal bank data flows. The system enables management of bank cards with the additional functions including atypical attributes - it represents a competitive advantage to the banks using the standard systems of U.S. origin.


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