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GORDIC, as General Partner, supported ePersonalities of eGovernment

On March 21, 2017, the prizes “ePersonality of eGovernment” were awarded during the gala evening in the building of the former Radio Free Europe. GORDIC was the General Partner of the event.
The Egovernment journal organizes the competition “ePersonality of eGovernment”. The journal’s representatives award the prizes to personalities of public sector, who have contributed to the implementation, development, and promotion of the Czech electronic public administration.

This year competition took place under the auspices of Milan Chovanec (Interior Minister), Tomáš Prouza (State Secretary for the European Affairs and Digital Agenda Coordinator of the Czech Republic), and Zdeněk Zajíček (ICT Union President).


Mr. Michal Pešek, Director of the National Registry Authority, became the winner in the category Central Institutions. The prize was presented by Jaromír Řezáč, CEO, GORDIC. Mr. Pešek is the leader of the team implementing all major projects in the area of basic registers and digital identity, and at the same time, he is a tireless promoter of data sharing in public administration.

In the category Regions, Mr. Jiři Běhounek, Chief Executive Officer of the Vysočina Region, took the first position. His goal is to simplify the contact of citizens with authorities through the full circulation of data. "At the state level, there are many functional applications and services communicating with difficulties with each other. These applications and services are not fully used or not usable in practice and we should change it" Jiří Běhounek said.

This year, Mr. Josef Kupčík, Secretary of the Municipal Authority of Blansko, won in the category Towns. He has been for a long time emphasizing the vision of conceptual building of the information system and electronic administration of Blansko.

Mr. Zdeněk Souček, Mayor of Rudíkov, became the winner in the category Villages. In the village, he launched the on-line control of village council resolutions fulfilment. Everyone in the village can control their fulfilment. He took this step at zero costs thanks to the use of Google tools for free.

Ms. Eva Pauknerová, Expert Council in the Department of Informatics, Land Surveying and Cadastre Authority of the Czech Republic, was awarded the prize of eGovernment journal for her overall contribution. Mrs. Pauknerová has been involved in the development of public administration services focusing on the geographic information systems.


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