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GORDIC is the distributor of HDL technologies for smart buildings

GORDIC company has become the distributor of HDL products in the Czech Republic. HDL has been engaged in automation of buildings for more than 30 years. HDL products are successfully implemented and integrated all around the world, from the smallest implementations to the largest ones, such as Dubai airports.
GORDIC has almost 25 years of experience in integrating information systems. Company brings high level of systems security and integration of diverse technologies and protocols to the industry of building automation. Thanks to HDL technologies, it can offer comprehensive solutions integrating systems operating on accepted KNX and Buspro protocols.

Building automation based on HDL elements is suitable not only for new buildings and radical renovations, but for older buildings as well. Thanks to unique wireless technologies, it can be use also for places with limited possibilities of reconstructions (f.e. historical monuments).


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