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The Cybernetic Office

The Cybernetic Office represents the interactive, intelligent and innovative public authority. It communicates (both internally and externally) in an efficient and transparent way, using modern, functional, safe and open information systems with cybernetic knowledge and functions.
The GINIS system meets an idea of a modern, integrated, safe and well maintained system in accordance with the Cybernetic Office concept. It contains standardized methodology and integration platform for third-party systems. The system is continuously updated with innovative, smart and friendly applications and dialogs, supporting effective interaction both inside and outside the authority. Controllability, transparency and traceability of all administrative and economic processes are welcome results. Applications with mentioned additive cyber properties are collectively called as GINIS+. They can be used to minimize procedural and safety failures and to optimize the authority run. To fulfill the concept of the Cybernetic Office, system is complemented by methodological support and implementation of the information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27000.
The Interactive Office supports effective, transparent and secure interaction of citizens, officials, managers, and things (both inside and outside the office) and integration of all systems using of "Internet of Everything" (IOE).
The Intelligent Office brings effective public governance with smart, cyber-application support of citizens, officials and managers.
The Innovative Office uses advanced concepts and technologies.


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