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GINIS Information System

GINIS information system represents a robust software solution with a high level of application integration and comprehensive circulation of documents. It covers all economic processes, document record managements system, human resources and variety of registers and specialized agendas of authorities.
  • Support of strategic management and decision making process
  • Complex solution of document management
  • Integration of agendas and optimization of the internal processes

Key system components

More about GINIS

The client can get the GINIS system standard way  - to buy licenses of relevant modules with set of voluntary but guaranteed services, licences and their maintence may be obtained a service (SaaS) as well, both on the customer or provided platform (PaaS).

Company background, projects experiences and daily contact with hundreds of clients allow the GORDIC company use and implement new IT trends in specific conditions of public sector. Despite of this, respectful approach to former investments is held.

Thanks to its information platform, GINIS enables secure interconnection of multi-vendor systems into one harmonious unit. GINIS is connectable with data warehousing and business intelligence tools, supports data mobility by connecting with tablets and smartphones and includes interactive applications to harmonize authorities and citizens needs.

The system allows to take advantage of cloud computing, too. Company´s modern portal solution can be suitable present layer for selected system´s functions.

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