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Integrated products and services

With the GINIS information system, organization receives easy access to a wide range of integrated third-party products and services and various public registries as well.
  • Close connection to Basic Registry and State Treasury System, both on the data and functional level.
  • Links to the Trade Licence Register, Insolvency Register and the National Digital Archive
  • Complete application support for sending and receiving messages via the Data Boxes System.
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Edition modules

Autonomous, efficient applications with batch-based cooperation, suitable for clients with smaller number of the officials.

Edition modules

Complex centralized solution for many interactively cooperating users. System disposes of high security level, agenda´s data-based interconnection and open integration platform.
Electronic Data Mailing
ARES - Administrative Register of Economic Subjects
Bank Payments
Central Portal GINIS
Dohledový systém GINIS
Attendance System
DotInfo - Subsidy Information
eConectors to third-party DMS
Franking Machines
IISSP - State Treasury Information System
Integrated HR
ISDS - Data Boxes
ISDOC - Electronic Invoicing
ISIR - Insolvency Register
ISZR - Basic Registry
LTV - Long Term Validation
Payment Cards - Terminals
Bussines24 Banking
Rozšířená podpora GDPR
RZP - Trade Register
Service Desk
VAT Register
SMS Mailing Box
Skenovací linka GORDIC
Scanning Line
Weight of Shipments
Guaranteed Digital Storage

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