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GINIS+ Information System

Do you wish that your information is even more effective? Get the intelligent upgrade of the GINIS information system or GINIS+. You will acquire new modules, tools, and methods for your work that will save a lot of your time and make functioning of the entire organization more effective. 

In addition, GINIS+ is continuously learning from your behaviour and gradually accelerates routine activities so you can devote the time saved to a more important work.

  • GINIS+ has a modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Offers new possibilities of interactive communication with public
  • Ensures maximum efficiency of processes within the organization
  • Provides a new level of data security
  • Supports organization management using the advanced analytical tools and methods
  • Increases the prestige of an authority and its management
  • What the GINIS+ information system means

    The GINIS+ system is an intelligent upgrade of the GINIS information system extended by the modules, tools, and methods with the cyber properties that will offer a significant improvement for the organizations of public administration. They will support internal as well as external interactions of an authority, increase transparency, and facilitate traceability of all records.

    GINIS+ Components

    Interactive Office

    GINIS+ supports a growing trend of open and transparent authorities. Interactive Office allows an easy presentation of data from various areas of its functioning to management as well as to public. A citizen will easily obtain information concerning budget, economic management of the organizations receiving contributions from the state budget, or relations with suppliers, or he/she can make statement to the prepared investments. 

    Intuitive interface

    With regard to user, GINIS+ has a very friendly and intuitive graphical interface. The system uses gaming principles with the purpose to use natural characteristics of users, to motivate them, and increase their productivity and involvement.

    Facility Management

    In addition, the system supports an effective facility management. It integrates the tools of Building Automation and Smart Metering. You will thus obtain an overall overview of facility management and related costs. The data found is subsequently used in the economic agendas of the system.


    Within GINIS+, protection against cyber attacks is resolved using selected applications and methodological recommendations. Monitoring application performs a continuous evaluation of the organization activities and provides information about any non-standard operations.

    Intelligent Assistant

    Intelligent assistant is a component that is integrated within the entire GINIS+ system. „It is learning“ from the behaviour of user, continuously evaluating it and subsequently accelerating routine activities. It results in a more pleasant work and significant volume of the time saved.

    Advanced analytical tools

    The system is ready to support advanced analytical tools allowing analyses, simulation, and evaluation – for example, flows of organization records, financial workflow, or management in relation to facility management. User has a clear overview of the processes; he/she can carry out simulation and apply predictive recommendations.

    Portal and mobile solutions

    The multiplatform portal solution of GINIS+ offers an easy preparation of Internet presentations, intranet building, more complex Internet applications (helpdesk, overview portals,...), or integration of various applications and external systems. It represents a single access point for rapid obtaining of necessary information and services throughout the entire organization using single internet application.

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