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Clickable Budget: an easy-to-read overview of municipal expenditures

The phrase "clickable budget" has already become a relatively well-established. It is used for an easy, graphically-pleasing form of publicly presenting the expenditures and revenues of state budgets and its organisational or local government units.
The solution offered by the GORDIC company is a transparent, clear, and easy-to-understand form of presentation of economic data using the GINIS system, which allows users to monitor company performance from different perspectives, while focusing primarily on budgeting and accounting issues. Budgets are built upon the technology of the MicrosoftR SQL ServerRReporting Servicies.

The clickable budget's easy breakdown format illustrates the status and development of the budget, expenditure statuses, and revenue turnover. The standard menu offers a variety of perspectives based on the basic budgeting and organisational classification of the budget. The form of the clickable budget menu can be modified based on the needs and requirements of the customer.

Data presentation using an internet browser is perfect not only for presenting data to the public, but to administration office management. The data updating mechanism in the form of a clickable graph is completely in the hands of the administration office. It can be performed manually or automatically. Data publication to the final display storage is always performed only after it has been reviewed and approved by authorised administration office personnel.


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