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To deal with cyber security in public administration or a bank is not the same as to deal with the security of a small company. Under the circumstances of a large organization, no mistakes can be accepted. All has to be perfectly secure with regard to any possible threats.

We have many years experience in the area of managing large projects of the large organizations. We are certainly ready to help you as well.
  • We offer a comprehensive solution of cyber security.
  • We have a thorough knowledge of IT environment of public administration
  • We supply only top, well-tested, however, still reasonably priced components
  • Our GINIS information system analyses information, reveals vulnerable parts, and determines possible threats
  • Největší portál o kybernetické bezpečnosti
  • We meet requirements of Cyber Security Law in every detail 

    Adoption of Act on Cyber Security has been a critical step to resolve security of information systems, not only in the area of public administration organizations. The products and services supplied by the company GORDIC® represent a comprehensive solution of cyber security with regard to current legislation.

    GINIS as a safe information system

    The GINIS information system will provide maximum cyber security of your company. Together with the system, we also supply a set of components that will increase the level of so called application security to the level required by you. These components are called CSG modules: Cyber Security GINIS, offering many options to you – beginning with the safe administration of identities through the secured communication with the systems of third parties to error messages monitoring. In the GINIS system, you will secure information against its loss and you will easily deal with the access to company sensitive data.

    Cyber Security GINIS modules

    IDM – Identity management
    ZUD – Event processing 
    IPA – Information panel
    AIB – Application Internet gate
    EPK – Electronic signature book 
    GDU – Guaranteed, long-term repository of digital records

    You will always have a perfect overview of cyber security

    Monitoring portal will always ensure that you are aware of what is happening. To visualise the state of security of the individual information systems of an organization and communication with them, a central controlling web application of monitoring centre is used with the application Service Desk (CA Technology).

    Supervising application

    To visualize the state of security, central dispatching serve web application supervises organization´s information system. Application uses Service Desk based on CA Technology.

    Are you interested about cybersecurity solution?

    Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a preliminary offer.

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