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EIGER Information System

Do you use access cards at your workplace? Or, would you like to introduce a system of identification or membership cards? The Eiger information system will simply deal with it. It ensures a broad spectrum of card centre tasks and routinely administers also standard payment cards.

Eiger is a versatile and reliable information system to administer payment cards that is used by one of the largest banks on the Czech market.  It routinely facilitates also large transactions of the international payment associations, such as VISA or Mastercard.

  • It ensures a broad spectrum of card centre tasks
  • Facilitates the use of card programmes for towns and regions
  • Deals with the comprehensive agendas of bank payment cards
  • Fulfils high requirements for a continuous and non-problematic operation
  • Card management: inteligentní správa karet
  • Smart Administration jako základ chytrého města
  • More about EIGER

    The Eiger information system administers identification, membership, access, as well as payment cards

    Eiger will easily ensure all beginning card issuing through restriction management to card cancellation or its expiration. It allows for the banks to introduce a complete agenda related to card programme, simultaneously with the authorization centre. It can then assist the organizations of public administration to administer the agenda of identification, membership, or access cards.

    Like developed just for the banks and organizations of public administration
    The Eiger information system is able to deal with issuing cards of all types, their administration, transaction accounting, and it will simply facilitate also settlement between all important payment networks, business partners, and issuing bank.

    The database of business partners is clearly organized in it using a hierarchical division. In addition, you can process the data into statistical overviews, tables, or graphs. The Eiger system contains also an optional bonus system motivating clients to use cards more frequently.

    The Eiger system is currently used by Česká spořitelna. The company GORDIC ensures its innovation and overall support of its operation. The card centre facilitates transactions for more than 2,300,000 payment cards.

    Perfect security you can rely on 

    The Eiger system is integrated in the modules supporting individual circles of work activities. A big emphasis is put on the database security as well as the security of the entire system. The Eiger application is built in the environment of the multi-layer, object-oriented architecture Apple WebObjects.

    The technology used facilitates modularity and flexibility in the phase of implementation at every customer and easy geographical upgrading of the application with minimum requirements for the system administration. Eiger will then easily adjust to your specific requirements and needs.

    The user interface is available through a standard web browser and it can be used in the environment of local network in the environment of JavaClient.

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